Our model helps communities that are vulnerable move beyond just daily survival. Orchard: Africa works with local church and tribal leaders, who are the foundation of every rural village, to bring stability to the community. We then train, mentor and fund them to ensure ongoing growth & sustainability of the projects implemented.


Poverty in Africa is a suffocating, cyclical disease that leads to the worst possible outcome: loss of hope. Everyday 6000 people die from AIDS alone. The missing generation in Africa is leaving children orphaned and the elderly vulnerable.
We are working to change that...


As a village church and leaders implement the core programs of Orchard: Africa, the needs of a village stabilize. Hope increases. Individuals and the community are empowered to help each other. Vulnerable children are able to focus on their education rather than just their thirst or next meal. The pastor and church leaders fill the missing parental gap and help the elderly raise the village children, caring for them and teaching them about ABC's of HIV/AIDS prevention.


Pastors and leaders are equipped and empowered through the Orchard: Network training program to make lasting change in their communities. Programs are implemented that can continue – often without requiring ongoing financial support. Hope expands in multiple communities as these leaders share their success with one another through the Orchard Network. Old cycles are broken. There is a future.


We want to see the cycle of AIDS and poverty in Africa broken in our lifetime. This means equipping & empowering African leaders but also equipping you, your church, your school and your company to help. There are countless villages in Southern Africa who need hope and a partnership - a helping hand in their own communities. By believing and investing in the leaders of Africa, we will see a generation with hope creating sustainable change throughout the continent.

    We need your help

    This model cannot end with us. Make the choice to get involved. We’re not offering complicated solutions and billion dollar methods, but instead, a simple model that works. A model developed over the last 20 years by Africans for Africans. A model that includes things like daily food and water, HIV/AIDS prevention training, orphan care, preschools, leadership training. A model that can restore hope.

    Walk alongside the most vulnerable and set in motion a cycle of sustainable change.