The church is our platform, programs are our tools and hope in Christ is our message.

Food Security is a Priority

Providing food and water to children helps reduce illiteracy, sex trafficking and abuse.
These projects include vertical farming initiatives to bring sustainable food security to the villages.

  1. Hunger

    The primary need in a community is food security. Without food people can't think beyond their own survival.
  2. Food

    We train and fund local churches to run a daily feeding program. This provides a job for a cook, income for the pastor and a cooked lunchtime meal for children.
  3. Farming

    In partnership with Earth University we are teaching Churches and communities the skill of growing fruits and vegetables in their own home in old pairs of jeans, plastic bottles and bags.
  4. Church

    The local church is a practical resource to their community and restores hope.


Our education projects are established through the Church to encourage a love for learning from a very young age.
As they grow, we establish youth centers to help develop vocational life skills.

  1. Preschools

    We start preschools in local churches, providing jobs for teachers and encouraging a love for learning from a very young age.
  2. After-School

    Children receive assistance from church staff with homework, have a place to study, read and learn.
  3. Youth

    Young adults have a desire to learn and be a productive member of the community. The church facilitates life skills, vocational skills, sports and music.
  4. Church

    The local church facilitates education and restores hope.


Church leaders are empowered to care for orphaned and vulnerable children, youth and adults.
Trauma counseling, life skills, AIDS prevention as well as hospice care is provided by the local church.

  1. Orphans

    A church pastor identifies orphaned and vulnerable children, walks them through a 10 day intervention program and supports foster parents.
  2. Home Care

    We train and employ local men and women to be caregivers. These heroic caregivers visit residents in their homes and provide basic medical and hospice care.
  3. HIV Prevention

    We train church leaders to provide AIDS prevention programs to local high schools. HIV infection is not inevitable – it can be prevented.
  4. Church

    The local church cares for the community and restores hope.


The Orchard: Network trains, mentors and equips local African pastors and their church
to respond to the immediate needs of their own community.

  1. Network

    Church leaders and pastors who want to change their community attend membership sessions in Cape Town, Zambia or Mafikeng.
  2. Training

    Network members attend specific project training based on village needs. Our goal is to educate, inspire and challenge leaders to respond to poverty and injustice.
  3. Funding

    Trained project members apply for funding to implement projects. We assess project plans, overall church support and leadership potential before approval.
  4. Church

    We plant model churches in key areas to serve as a guide and model to others. Mentoring, training, Network meetings and project training is run by Orchard churches.