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January 2006 - December 2014


2014 Funding by: Meister Family, Frank & Marianne Scmitt, Matt & Whitney Cody,
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PastorVictor Motlhampe
Project NameOrchard: Africa
Village TypeModel Village
LocationNorth West Province, South Africa

Field Notes: Molelwane village is on the outskirts of the city of Mafikeng. The village is home to approximately 5000 people, a majority unemployed. Many live in tin shacks, some have low cost government housing. The few people who are employed have chosen to live in the village and have built some comfortable homes.

Country Notes: South Africa is the country on the Southern most tip of Africa. The country has a population of about 45 million people. There are eleven ethnic groups each with their own language. Nine of these are traditional African languages and two are of European descent. South Africa has the largest number of people infected with HIV in the world. Unemployment reports range from 25-42%.


Dec 2, 2013
posted by Pastor Victor
Molelwane preschool had the greatest graduation ceremony of them all. The teachers did a very good job throughout the year that was showed by the children's performance. Twenty-nine of our children will be starting their primary school education next year. I believe that a good foundation was laid in their lives. Both the parents and the community members attended. It was a huge ceremony.
Oct 30, 2013
posted by Pastor Victor
We thank God because we will soon have electivity at our centre. The contractor is busy putting up poles in the village. They have already put the electric meter box in our building. Electricity will help us to pump water for the garden and the center
Oct 1, 2013
posted by Pastor Victor
We celebrated Heritage Day with the church youth, people were dressed in their tradition clothes. We had discussions were the youth spoke about the importance of heritage today. They were also having traditional dance items. At the end we had a six-person team soccer tournament. We had three teams of boys and girls. It was fun and exciting to watch!
Aug 29, 2013
posted by Pastor Victor
We are very happy in Molelwane because the government has started with the building of a school in the village. When it is complete, the children will no longer have to walk a long distance to school. Our learning center and feeding scheme run very well because the kids are coming on time. We thank God!
Aug 12, 2013
posted by Pastor Victor
The Orchard: Africa interns have really touched the lives of the children and the youth of Molelwane Village. They helped in a lot in developing the the programs for the learning centers, pre-schools and youth ministry. They have also helped our youth pastor on how to plan for the youth meetings and many things in general. They have been a blessing indeed!
Jul 4, 2013
posted by Pastor Victor
Our preschool teachers are really committed to making a difference in the lives of the children. Even though the primary and secondary schools were closed for winter break, they asked the parents to keep bringing the children to preschool, and the classes continued as per normal. This is a sign of selflessness.
Jun 5, 2013
posted by Pastor Victor
We thank God for that the number of children at our pre-school is 51. More and more parents want to bring their children to our school. We are making a difference in the lives of these children. Praise God!
Apr 3, 2013
posted by Pastor Victor
The number of the children at our pre-school grew to 46, and we are still expecting 4 more when the school re-opens. The parents are happy with the education we provide their children. We thank God for everything.
Mar 5, 2013
posted by Pastor Victor
We helped two families to get identity documents and apply for social grants with the Department of Social Development.
Feb 6, 2013
posted by Pastor Victor
The year has started well at our center. We have 40 kids at our pre-school. The teacher Kelebogile has been blessed with a baby girl. We have Nondlela Tshabalala standing in for her while she is away on maternity leave. We have Abel Suping as our youth pastor. He is one of the young men who we raised since he was 9 years old. He went through all of our projects including the learning center, and now he is a leader. We thank God because the work of Orchard: Africa is bearing fruit!
Dec 3, 2012
posted by Pastor Victor
One of the young ladies from the village got married this month. It is because of the teaching and the influence that we have that young people change their lives and choose to live right. This helps in working towards HIV free communities.
Nov 6, 2012
posted by Pastor Victor
Two ladies plus our two field staff members were trained to make blankets. They were trained by one of the members of the Resurection Lutheran Church. They learned a skill that they can use to make blankets for their families and even to sell to the public and make money to support their families. The women were very happy to take part in the training since they cannot afford to go to the institutions where such training is given.
Oct 2, 2012
posted by Pastor Victor
Sergio the intern started the garden project in our center. He is training three young people. They will later train other youths, they will also produce crops which will be used by our centers to feed the children. Some will be sold and the young people who are working in the garden will benefit directly. The training will help them to produce in large scale in the future.
Sep 3, 2012
posted by Pastor Victor
Since August is Women's Month, we organised a women's service in Molelwane Village Church. We brought women from Madutle Church and Top Village churches. Everything went well. After the service the women were happy and empowered. Since that service we received good reports that women are now more active in the church programs and in the community. We have arraged another service like that in October where wemen will come together again. Our aim is to empower women in every way we can so that they can help change their communities. We are also building a stong and effective woman's miinistry. We thank God for the wonderful work.
Aug 1, 2012
posted by Pastor Victor
During the winter season, we see a drop in church attendance. Many people do not come because they are cold and they do not have warm clothes. But now we are seeing more people coming to church because it is getting warmer, the attendance is growing even at our midweek services. We thank God that winter is over.
July 4, 2012
posted by Pastor Victor
We had a Father's Day service at our church, men and young men from all our churches came, we had a great service, they were taught that they have a big role to play changing the nation and the world and they can do that only when they respect themselves and their fellow men, if they love the wemen and children and protect them. They promised to change and play the positive part in making the difference. Lunch was served after the service.
May 30, 2012
posted by Pastor Victor
This month our church was moved by the stories of the churches in Zambia brought to us by Pastor Mike. We realized that they had very little and were not able to provide chairs in the church. The church here in Molelwane decided to help and collected an offering to send to our brothers and sisters in need in Zambia. Praise God!
Feb 30, 2012
posted by Pastor Victor
The new teaching staff at the preschool is doing a good job, the number of the children have increased. Things are going very well.
Dec 30, 2011
posted by Pastor Victor
The projects have really worked. A great way to end the year. Thank you for your support!
Nov 30, 2011
posted by Pastor Victor
Projects continue to move ahead. Thank you for your support and prayers.
Oct 30, 2011
posted by Pastor Victor
Patients from this village have been reluctant to go to the clinic due to the poor service given at the clinics but this month we transported more people. This shows that things are changing.
Sept 1, 2011
posted by Pastor Victor
Orchard: Africa has helped many poor children and youth of our villages to dream again. The sick of our villages know that they are not alone, and the the poor and vulnerable in our villages have their hope and dignity restored.

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