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Growing a Small Goat (Business)

Orchard: Africa’s education program doesn’t just cater to the younger generations through preschool and after school learning centers.  Life Skills and small business courses have also been developed and taught through Orchard: Journey teams, to plant seeds of educational and economic development in an older generation looking to provide for their families. 

In the right circumstances, when proper training and trust has been established, Orchard: Africa has provided small grants to empower eager entrepreneurs starting their own business.  At the beginning of this year Pastor Victor was granted one of these micro grants to start a small business.  It is our hope that this collage update will give you a glimpse of the struggles and success Pastor Victor has experienced over the past 10 months as he has learned about growing a small goat business.  

In order to get more knowledge about the business Pastor Victor attended a junior course on goats presented by the South Africa Goat Association.

About a month into the new year saw the completion of Pastor Victor’s official ‘Goat Farm’ as he has finished building a safe place for them to live.

Before Victor could use the the funds provided to build a structure for his goats he had to keep them in his yard at home.  Along the same lines, before he could hire help to care for the goats he had to recruit his daughter to assist with the feeding.

The pictures tell a story of a booming business with over 50 goats purchased.  Since the beginning of this year another 30 goats have been born!

Recent Journey Team members, Tony and his daughter Elery, visited Pastor Victor’s goat farm.  Tony is a registered Vet and was excited to answer Pastor Victor’s questions. 

As you can see, Pastor Victor was equally as excited to learn as Tony was to teach.  Pastor Victor recently lost some goats due to an illness he called “heavy water disease”.  Wanting to avoid the same problem in the future Pastor Victor was sure to take notes on the advice that Tony offered on the health and well being of the goats.  Tony even brought books on livestock to help Pastor Victor in his ongoing learning.  Speaking into the value of the books for him and his business Pastor Victor said, “These are gold”. 

As with all the best learning experiences, listening and note taking had to follow with some hands on practicals.  From teaching Pastor Victor and his hired help where goats should receive medication to  checking the medications themselves, Tony was sure to teach through his actions and not just his words. 

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