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Developing sustainable solutions to present and future needs is essential to caring for the vulnerable. We equip the local church to respond to critical needs: Ministry, Education, Food Security, and Care.

Food & Agriculture
Food & Agriculture
Food & Agriculture

25 years of Impact

Every dollar given has a tangible impact and we cannot thank our partners enough for the contributions made on a daily basis to bring lasting change to vulnerable African communities. Check out the amazing things our partners are responsible for and find out how you, too, can own your impact.

Meals Served to Vulnerable Village Residents

Student Visits to Learning Centers

Pastors in Training to be Community Leaders

Home Visits to Care for Sick Community Members

*Updated as of December 31, 2018

how you can own your impact

Orchard: Community

Orchard: Community,  a growing community of world changers who are committed to potecting and caring for the vulnerable by giving what they can month after month. The impact of this community is detailed in exclusive monthly updates.

Orchard: Fundraisers

Orchard: Fundraisers are a passionate and thriving group who use their time, talents, and creative spark to champion our cause to the world. Fun is the name of the game, and the impact is immense as you bring your friends & family into your cause.

Orchard: Journeys

Orchard: Journeys is where life change is not a concept, but our promise as you join us on the ground in South Africa. You’ll experience a new world of  adventure and hands-on impact. The journey isn’t just the trip, but the new life you get to live.

stories from the field

Home Agricultural Training

Orchard: Community FOOD & AGRICULTURE UPDATE APRIL 2019Orchard: Africa has trained 976 individuals in home agriculture. This program helps families grow their own food, as well as sell any excess crops they have. In this video, Matshido tells us about how this program...

Mirriam’s Garden

Mirriam lives in Nganini - a section within the township of Khayeltisha, a place filled with unemployment, poverty, and need. Mirriam lives here with her family and works hard to put food on the table and provide for them. She has been gardening since 2006, but has...

Kealeboga: Healing a Broken Heart

At night, Kealeboga Natshane was living a nightmare. Her mother had passed away. Her days were long and filled with anxiety. She simply wanted to wake up from the bad dream that her life had become. Kealeboga lived in a village that had been forgotten by economic...

Zelda Matembu: A Family Restored

Bubble gum and tape were all that stood between 38-year-old Zelda Matembu and the cold rain which was determined to penetrate through the holes in the tin roof of her tiny shack. Khayelitsha, the severely impoverished township in which she lives, is located on the...

Gogontle and Bakhena: Education Matters

Gogontle Mogapi is  five years old and lives in Top Village with her seven year old brother, Bakhena. Their mother is unemployed and the only income she has is the tiny government subsidy she receives for her children, which is only enough to pay for the basics of...

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what others are saying

“An outstanding organization run by some of the finest people we know. It’s so good to invest in a charity that really cares and uses their resources wisely and for the Kingdom of God! Love never fails!” Larry & Stacy Callaway

Donors for more than 10 years

“Volunteering with Orchard: Africa really opened up my world. It was my first time experiencing the world through a different lens. The people I met while I was in South Africa taught me what it truly looks like to be selflessly kind. They taught me what it means to be joyful despite what you do or don’t have. When I volunteered with Orchard: Africa, I felt like I was welcomed into a family. And when I left, I left with new friends who remain an important part of my life, even though they’re an entire ocean away.”
Brionna Pollard

Mission Trip Team Leader, Grand Canyon University

“Getting involved with Orchard: Africa is a life-changing experience. The compassion and care they bring to the communities they work with in South Africa, along with the expertise and excellence in hosting and leading mission teams is second to none. They truly embody what it means to “be the Church”. Everyone in my group came home having met God in a brand new way. Amazing!” David Valentine

Mission Team Leader, Crossroads

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