Parents don't want you to feed their children.

Here's why

We develop and equip the local church to be the response to poverty and injustice.
The church is our platform, programs are our tools and hope in Christ is our message.

Our Programs

We work to empower local African churches through four major programs. Each program has been developed to ensure that it is practical, effective and sustainable through an established church and its pastor. We teach, train and fund these churches to implement our programs. Our hope is that individuals in a community do not know who we are. Instead a community looks to the local church and the ministry they are providing.

Foodag circle


We teach and fund churches to run a daily meal program for children. We then help start church gardens to teach vertical farming to community members.

Edu circle


We help churches start preschools and after school learning centers. We train teachers on our curriculum and provide materials and supplies.

Careprgm circle


We train church members as home based care givers. They visit homes each day to care for the sick, widows and orphans.

Emp circle


We train and mold church pastors and leaders to see the entire community as their ministry. We call it Sunday preacher to community leader transformation.

How to Get Involved

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in Southern Africa. Here’s why they’re still sustainable after 20 years.

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We partner with established local churches to identify community needs.

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We develop programs that provide practical solutions and train church members and leaders to run them.

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We fund projects and provide ongoing training and mentorship.